While work's most obvious function is financial, studies have shown that pay is only one component to job retention! In fact, you will stay an average of only 9 months in a job if pay is at the desired level with no other satisfiers (challenge, working conditions, hours, etc) exist.

Career Solutions offers a full-range of services to facilitate mid-life, mid-career men and women make a successful career change or to find great work. We provide solution-focused services for individuals who are career committed and who:

Want to grow within their current job
Want to re-enter the job market
   after a period of departure
Are considering consulting as a career option
Are considering leaving their position
Want to develop new career options inside
   or outside your current organization
Would like assistance finding new work.

Established in 1989, we have gained an in-depth insight into the preferences of HR managers, recruitment consultants, and employers as well as key skills and experience required for many types of jobs in various sectors. We have worked with lawyers, junior and middle managers, administrative staff, consultants, health care professionals, and high-tech workers realign their career and life goals in BC, Canada, and north western Washington state.