Step 1: Looking Inward:
Self Knowledge
Who Am I?
What are My Talents?
What Career Options Do I Have?

Step 2: Looking Outward:
Career, Industry, &
Organizational Information
Equipping You with Information to Help
   You Make the Best Career Decision

Step 3: Making it Happen:
Helping You to Move Forward
Creating a Career Strategy for Inside
   or Outside of the Organization
Writing a Stellar Resume
Honing Your Interview Skills
Negotiating Your Compensation

Assessing whether to Stay or Leave Job?
Developing an Exit Strategy
Planning for Promotion
Career Planning inside or outside organization
Skills/Values/Interests Clarification
Career/Life Goal Setting
Career Options
Educational and Learning Plan
Building Your Workplace IQ


Career Solutions uses a 3-step framework to help focus your career question and provide service solutions that meet your needs.

Step 1 involves looking inward and knowing yourself which is a foundational aspect of achieving career satisfaction. Do you know who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer? What role does work play in your overall life? Are you reaching your financial, intellectual, and personal potential? What is limiting you?

Career Solutions can help you "look inward" through coaching and testing/assessment to clarify who you are and what you want.