Step 1: Looking Inward:       
Self Knowledge
Who Am I?
What are My Talents?
What Career Options Do I Have?

Step 2: Looking Outward:      
Career, Industry, &
Organizational Information
Equipping You with Information to Help
   You Make the Best Career Decision

Step 3: Making it Happen:
Helping You to Move Forward
Creating a Career Strategy for Inside
   or Outside of the Organization
Writing a Stellar Resume
Honing Your Interview Skills
Negotiating Your Compensation

Career Solutions assists you to:

Create a Proven Job Search Strategy
Write A Stellar Resume
Hone Your Interview Coaching
Negotiate Your Compensation Package


Career Solutions uses a 3-step framework to help focus your career question and provide service solutions that meet your needs

Step 3 ensures that you consider "who you are" and "information about the job market" as you develop your career goals and job search strategy. Career Solutions will help you to create a successful job search strategy.

In order to be successful, you need thoughtful preparation, a professional resume, solid interview skills and negotiation techniques to command the best outcome.

Career Solutions can ensure you put your best foot forward during this phase!