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From Our Clients

Tracy Theemes, Co-Founder, Sophia Financial Group, Raymond James Ltd

Our world changed when we hired Marlene Delanghe of Career Solutions to do the recruitment and onboarding of new employees for our business. Searching, sorting, interviewing and screening candidates was killing us from a time perspective. And we made so many mistakes! Her calm, professional manner coupled with keen insights and knowledge of HR best practice made the process a breeze. She is amazing. We only have one question: why didn’t we bring her in sooner?

Debra Williams, Program Head, School of Computing, BCIT

Working with a professional, like Marlene Delanghe, who understands the HR needs of business and technology, has been an incredible boost to our programs at BCIT. As a public-funded college, it is essential that our graduates meet the hiring needs of an array of stakeholders and Marlene’s in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing tech sector has ensured that we stay up-to-date, relevant, and competitive. Thanks to her outstanding workshops and individualized coaching, our students not only excel in the job market, but they also leave our programs well-prepared for the rigours of professional life. Many times we’ve heard from HR managers about how impressed they are with our graduates and this is entirely due to Marlene. Thanks to her, our students not only gain a huge advantage in the job market, but our industry partners also benefit by hiring people who are professional and job-ready.”

Steve Weeks, President, Netcetera Consulting Inc.

We know that human resources is important but we also recognized our own limitations.  Fortunately, we found Marlene.  She was able to help us attract highly qualified technical talent that shared our vision and core values, even in this competitive market.  Thanks Marlene for all your help and brilliant ideassmile

Petrina - Individual Services Client

Marlene has been a key resource for me at two distinct points in my career. Her extensive corporate experience, as well as her background in counselling make her a sensitive yet realistic career advisor. She is very structured, yet still incredibly easy to talk to. She immediately picks up on your strengths and doesn’t shy away from giving you advice on how to leverage them. She is also acutely aware of the challenges women face in the workplace and has great insight on how to address pivotal career moments.

Marlene was instrumental in helping me to launch my professional career after graduate school with CV development, mock interview coaching and salary negotiation.  Later, once established, I worked with Marlene again to problem solve through a career decision point.  Marlene walked me through my decision-making process and I found her tactics to be incredibly helpful – she encouraged me to think about my value at the company, the pros and cons of making such a decision, and alternative options that I could present to my supervisor so as to not stall any potential career growth.   As a result, I was ultimately very grounded and well prepared when meeting with my supervisor that resulted in a win-win outcome for both of us.

All in all, I highly recommend Marlene. It’s been a pleasure working with Marlene and I’ll be sure to turn to her at my next career crossroad.

Jamie - Public Sector, Planning and Engineering Services Manager

I engaged Marlene at a critical time in my career when I was seeking to advance from a technical role into a managerial position resulting in a very competitive application process with other strong candidates. She provided powerful feedback on both my resume and mock interview and, with her experienced advisement, helped me to communicate my strengths and transferable skills in a compelling way to a interview panel.  Her skillful advice helped me to build my confidence, articulate my value, and land the job!

Marlene is a joy to work with.  She is approachable, passionate and extremely knowledgeable.  Thanks Marlene

Pascale, RLA Registered Landscape Architect

Looking for work was a daunting task even for me as a well-educated career professional!  I have utilized Marlene’s know-how at critical points in my career and I can say that she really knows what she is doing.  Her expertise helped me to land 3 competitive and progressive positions. She is a highly strategic professional who understands the mindset of both the candidate and recruiters so I was ready for whatever came my way.  I also now have a fail—proof framework for writing my resume and increased confidence for senior interviews.  Hire her; she will help you to up your game!