We offer psychometrically-based assessments to assist you in identifying strengths and development opportunities:

  • within staff, managers and leaders for current or future roles
  • for working teams to maximize team effectiveness from entry to executive levels
  • for outplacement support to assist former staff to transition to new roles that leverage their strengths

When used appropriately, tools can create an objective and shared language for understanding individual and combined strengths.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

A tool that identifies individual and team strengths.  Self-awareness is the first step in professional and leadership growth.



Emotional-Quotient Inventory

A scientifically-validated tool ™ that measures emotional intelligence essential for effective leadership and workplace performance.


What is EI?  Download PDF

Thomas Kilman
Conflict Mode Instrument

The TKI™ helps people understand how using different conflict management styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics empowering them to choose the best approach in any situation.



CPI 260

An instrument that helps identify an individual’s preferences, attitudes and behaviours, key dimensions of management and leadership.


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