Is the 9 to 5 job passé?  Not yet but what I do know, as an HR Consultant, is that a workplace that offers flexible hours and remote work is a significant trend.  It is an important attraction and retention offering particularly if you seek to hire and retain people in a competitive space.  You will be missing candidates otherwise.

In our experience, almost all employees love it.  Senior leaders worry.  They worry whether the work will still get done because their mindset is “if we can’t see people, are they working?”  They worry how will people collaborate?   This trust gap needs to be addressed so quality work can be produced in a manner that is in trend.

Just like all new ways of working, trial and adjustment are needed in addition to new policies.  Training is also important so that new ways of working are understood, consistent and effective.  Working from home does not mean the employee disappears into ether.   Offsite employees need the right tools and technology and need to understand expectations.   Some organizations ensure that their communication technology is on during the day so staff can be reached to collaborate during their work hours.  It also guards against the individual feeling lost in space unable to reach their peers when important collaborations occur. 

So, are you ready for the new world?  Don’t just announce remote work, implement policies and training to ensure great outcomes for everyone. 

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